Our Mission

paper plane Simply put, we regard it as our mission to transfer the best available Knowledge, Skills and Engineering Expertise to your aerospace development program.

Company Overview

Since 1991, E.V. provides high-quality consultancy to the Aerospace industry for the development of new aircraft, rotorcraft, power plants and instrumentation. E.V. has skilled specialists available which can offer a strong support during the design, development and certification phases of a program. Main characteristics of the new products developed are high reliability and cost-effectiveness. The first aircraft developed by E.V. was the SD 27, a two-seat training and touring airplane powered by an 80HP Rotax 912 engine. This aircraft was certified under JAR VLA in July, 1994. Derivatives of this aircraft are currently under development.

Services and Products

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  • Aircraft Development: fixed wing, rotary wing, tilt rotors, UAV
  • Wind Tunnel and Facility Design and Development
  • Stall/Departure/Spin Evaluation and Prediction
  • Development of mathematical models and simulators
  • Design, development and clearance of digital control laws for any type of aircraft
  • Certification Activities for aircraft, subsystems and components
  • Studies and Designs in Ship Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics
  • Fan and ventilation development in cooperation with TurboMoni
In addition to the above, E.V. develops and markets a range of high-quality aerospace sensors and instruments.


Ernesto Valtorta Welcome to E.V. Consulting Services. Contact us for a turnkey, cost effective solution to your Aerospace Engineering needs.

Dott. Ing Ernesto Valtorta, owner



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